Virtual Call Center

We are a work from home company that offer opportunities for you to get started with your Virtual Assistant journey quickly! Whether you’re a stay at home mom or quietly quitting the corporate rat race, we have the solution and support that you need on your side.

Set Your

You control your own schedule. Some of our client opportunities offer 24 hour scheduling. You can customize your work-life balance!

Home Base

Having a home base businesses allow you to write off some of your expenses as tax exemptions (EX: internet, utilities, office supplies, etc...)


You control who you want to take calls for! New Companies are always popping up, so pick the company on the opportunity board that works best for you!

Get Started

Call center agents are always in demand! So you can get started fairly quickly. Keep in mind the training classes start date varies depending on the company but they are usually not too far out.


This is a REAL work from home opportunity that thousands of agents enjoy doing every day as Independent Contractors

Many people struggle with figuring out how to get started on their virtual assistance journey. GoKiss Social offers you a way to get started making money as soon as possible while you craft what your virtual career will ultimately be

Gokiss CEO

Toya Glenn

With over 10+ years experience in the Virtual Space, Toya has been a true leader in working with teams remotely. She has a strong passion for helping others start their virtual journey. 


Gokiss Partner COO

Latoya Williams

The jack of all trades! Latoya has the operations on lock with strong customer service and marketing background

Gokiss Partner CTO

Mykea Johnson

The Technology Genius! Behind the scenes, Mykea makes all things possible with her 19+ years experience in the tech industry

Get started now

We know that some people are fast learners and hit the ground running. If you are ready you can head over to ARISE.COM and get registered 

Make sure you use our company name: Gokiss Social

IBO Number : 900616


For those that want to make sure no mistakes happen, You are welcome to book a time on our calendar for us to walk you through it!